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Kishwaukee College is hiring for today and tomorrow. We serve students of the entire Northern Illinois region. Kishwaukee College is located approximately 60 miles from the heart of Chicago and a five minute drive from our partner in education, Northern Illinois University.

We are excited about the future of Kishwaukee College and hope you’ll join us to play an integral role in helping us get there. You will be a part of a team full of devoted and smart people who are all dedicated to one of the most valuable assets available: education. And perhaps most importantly, you’ll join a College that truly cares about nurturing and furthering your career.

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Contact Kishwaukee College Human Resources:
21193 Malta Road, Malta, IL 60150
(815) 825 2086 x 2200 | TTY (815) 825 9106 | Fax (815) 825 9777